10 Most Used Portable Generator Accessories

10 Most Used Portable Generator Accessories

Like every machine, portable generators also come with accessories. These portable generator accessories range from performance enhancing ones to the ones that help you safely connect your genset to the home wiring system. So how do you know the bestselling and popular accessories on the market?

This is where this article comes in handy. It reviews the 10 most used portable generator accessories and where you can buy them at a discount. Without further wasting time let’s get down to the main business.

Reliance Controls 31410CRK Pro/Tran 10-Circuit 30 Amp Generator Transfer Switch Kit With Transfer Switch, 10-Foot Power Cord, And Power Inlet Box For Up To 8,000-Watt Generators

Portable Generator AccessoriesWhat is even a transfer switch? As the name suggests, a transfer switch is an electrical device that is installed near the service panel in your home that allows you to safely connect your generator to your home wiring system.

It simply prevents the utility power and the generator power from powering your household circuits at the same time. Without the transfer switch, connecting your generator directly to your home is illegal and very dangerous because you can cause great harm to utility workers.

Installation of the transfer switch is as easy as using it. They come in different capacities.  The reliance controls 31410crk PRO/TRAN 30 amp transfer switch is the type most folks use. It can be coupled with a generator of up to 7500 running Watts. This unit is CUL1008 listed and is covered by a 5-year warranty. It is a 10 circuit transfer switch that includes the following in the box


  • 31410C ten-circuit prewired transfer switch
  • PC3010 power cord(10 feet, 10 AWG, L14-30 ends)
  • PB30 outdoor painted steel power inlet box
  • Wire nuts
  • L14-20 male plug for 20A generator outlets

Reliance controls is the world’s leading manufacturer of transfer switches for portable generators. And clearly majority of folks prefer reliance transfer switches to others due to the following reasons

  • Fast and Easy Installation; The no one choice of DIYs
  • They are prewired and clearly marked, fool proof.
  • No need to add circuit wires for more circuits.
  • Easy to use. Plug generator cord in to the transfer switch, start your generator and move the switches on the transfer switch from LINE to GEN. And you have power to your critical circuits.
  • Safe operation because of the double throw, break-before-make switch action of each Pro/Tran circuit keeps the generator isolated from the utility at all times.
  • Two watt meters so you can monitor your watt usage per side to ensure equal power balance

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Reliance Controls PC3020 20-Feet 30 Amp L14-30 Generator Power Cord for Up to 7,500-Watt Generators

If the flexibility of where to place your generator is an issue then you have to consider this cable. It is a 20 foot cable and gives much you flexibility. It comes with a twist lock plug ends. The function is to keep the cable from falling out of the inlet box connector or the outlet on the generator.

This a heavy-duty cord set designed for use with Reliance manual transfer switches, transfer panels and power inlet boxes. It is UL listed. Place your generator at your own convenient location with this long cable.

PRODUCT DETAILS• 30 Amp power cord for use with Reliance products • For use with Reliance transfer switches, transfer panels, and power inlet boxes • 10-gauge 4 wire; NEMA L14-30 plug and connector ends • UL listed • 20 feet in length; 5-year warranty

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STA-BIL 22207 Fuel Stabilizer – 16 oz.

Keep your gasoline generators running all the time and especially when it is needed the most – during emergencies or total blackout periods. When fuel is left in the tanks of a stored generator/vehicle it can begin to break down in as little as 30 – 60 days causing gum, varnish and corrosion to build up in the fuel lines and engine.

Don’t stick to the old and time consuming way of draining your tank before storage. Just add  Stabil fuel stabilizer to your gasoline and you are ready to go.

Stabil fuel stabilizer has special chemical properties that inhibits fuel break down allowing you to leave fuel in your stored generator worry – free. It can safely be used in vehicles as well. It works on all 2 or 4 cycle gasoline engines. This chemical solution works safely and effectively in all gasoline blends, including ethanol-blended fuel up to E85.

It is recommended for your gasoline generators.

Use Stabil fuel stabilizer to

  • Prevent corrosion and also clean carburetors and fuel injectors by removing water from the fuel
  • Protect your engine from gum, varnish, rust and corrosion
  • Prolongs engine life and finally
  • Eliminates the need to drain fuel before storage

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No-Spill 1405 2-1/2-Gallon Poly Gas Can (CARB Compliant)

Refill you your portable generator or even other machines with confidence. Use this well and thought through designed gas can that is safe as well spill free to fill your generator always.

Precisely control the pouring of fuel into any equipment with your thumb.

It also designed as child proof with a flame arrestor.  Here are some of the features that let it stand out from the rest of gas cans on the market



  • Thumb button control for precise pouring
  • 7/8-inch funnel spout fills even the smallest equipment
  • Attached dust cover keeps your spout clean
  • Integrated 20 mesh stainless steel screen
  • CARB and EPA compliant
  • The fastest pouring Spill-Proof nozzle available (At up to 3 gal/min)
  • AutoStop removable nozzle
  • Single opening for filling and pouring
  • Treated can body for low permeation

The most user friendly CARB compliant gas can available. Fills equipment without the need to press down on the tank opening. There is also a 6-inch Flex Spout Extension which is sold separately and allows filling of on-road vehicles, boats and many other hard to reach tank openings. No-Spill Gasoline cans are tested and certified to ASTM F-85299 Standard Specification for Portable Gasoline Containers for Consumer Use.

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Reliance Controls THP103 AmWatt Generator Appliance Wattage/Amps Load Tester

This device comes in handy especially if want to know the actual watts of your appliances so that you can effectively match them to your generator without overloading the genset. Another wonderful thing about this device is that it can help you save money on your electric bills, by finding out the appliances that are power guzzlers.

You will find out electrical gadgets that actually use electricity whilst they are turned off but are plugged in, in your wall outlets. This a handy device that is recommended for you.


  • Some quick features of the Reliance Controls AmWatt
  • Accurate digital readout from 1.0 – 15.0 Amps and 125 – 1875 Watts.
  • Easy slide-switch action instantly converts between Amps and Watts.
  • Long 26” cord reaches to remote electrical outlets.
  • Rugged, high-impact construction.
  • Easy to use:
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
    1. Plug appliance or light into AmWatt
    2.   Plug the AmWatt into any 15A electrical outlet
    3. Turn ON the appliance or light

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GenTent wet weather safety canopy for portable generators

What a relief? Finally finally, you can run your portable generator in the rain and wet weather. GenTent is the best way to keep your portable generator safe to use in wet weather. The GenTent enclosure provides a pleasing finished look to your portable generator, while keeping it safe to use in wet weather of nearly any kind.

Withstands winds up to 70mph and snow up to 18″. The GenTent ships complete with electrical outlet protection skirts to cover electrical outlet side. GenTent includes a universal clamping system that allows the GenTent to fit nicely on a wide range of portable generators from roughly 3,500 watts up to 10,000 watts.

GenTent design maintains proper cooling airflow to your portable generator unlike dog house or other enclosures that can cause overheating. Never expose yourself to carbon monoxide by running your generator in a garage or enclosed area again. Always use GenTent wet weather safety canopy.

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Hopkins FloTool 10701 Spill Saver Multi-Purpose Funnel

Are you tired of pouring gas, oil and other fluids all over you’re your jeans and shoes when filling your generator or other equipment? Then look no further than Hopkins FloTool 10701 spill saver Multi-purpose funnel. It simply works and with the extended filler neck it easily opens gas tank trap doors.

Also with approximately 2.5-inch diameter top, 5-inch long, ½ inch tip it highly recommended for transferring large volumes of liquid into a container with a small opening.

It is cheap and made of plastic as well but it works.

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Lisle 17942 Black Pan – 4.5 Gallon Capacity

Lisle Black Pan – the ultimate drain pan that makes oil draining very simple. Please keep reading to find out why.

It is very durable and won’t break after a few usage. This thing is so big that you don’t even have to move it closer to the drain plug when changing oil. The depth and anti-splash lip help prevent fluid from splashing on to the floor. The anti- splash lip also makes it very easy to transport the pan without spilling.

It’s the perfect size and it is recommended for all fluid. The pan is well designed that pouring drained oil out is quite easy and spill free.

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Worthington 303955 20-Pound Steel Propane Cylinder With Type 1 With Overflow Prevention Device Valve

Do you own a propane powered generator? Then Worthington 20-pound Steel propane tank is a must for you. It is made here in the U.S.A. It is solidly built and powder coated. This cylinder comes “purged”, so it is ready to be filled with propane.

One of the advantages of having your own cylinder is that you always get a full 20lbs every time you refill it.

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Reliance Controls PB20 L14-30 30 Amp Generator Power Cord Inlet Box For Up To 7,500 Watt Generators

The Reliance Controls 30 Amp power inlet box is designed for outdoor use and can be hardwired directly to Reliance Controls transfer switches or panels, eliminating need for cords running through windows or doors.

This rain-tight, rust-proof unit includes an NEMA L14-30P inlet plug, six knockout holes, and push-in wire connections. Using one of the four combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts (one on each side, bottom and back), the power inlet box can be wired directly to the transfer switch or panel.

The exclusive patented design provides generous wiring space and facilitates rough-in. The face of the box is removable for easy placement and wiring. It is CUL 1008 listed and covered by a 5-year warranty.

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These are the 10 most used portable generator accessories. They really enhance the effective use of your generator. They are recommended for also the safe use of your generator. What do you think? If you have any other most used accessories that were not listed here, you could please let us know.